Q. How is my package being shipped? When Should I expect it and is there tracking?

A. Orders from customers in the USA are being shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail (USPS) Orders from International customers are being shipped via Global Priority Mail.
(Neither of these services offers tracking.)

As a rule of thumb, domestic orders should arrive within 10-13 days from the date the product was ordered.  International orders should arrive within 17-20 days from the date the product was ordered. 

If you were not part of the initial 5,000 that were produced please add an additional 4 days to the estimated delivery time as our fulfillment company is producing more.

If it has been more than 10-13 days (US & Canada) or more than 17-20 days (Intl) since your order and you have not received your course yet, you can reach out directly to Julie at our fulfillment company at: 1-800-634-3475 ext. 288. Please do not call Julie unless it has been more than that amount of time since your order and ONLY contact her regarding fulfillment of your order as that is all she will be able to assist you with.

We are confident that you'll find Butterfly Marketing 2.0 worth the small wait.

Q. What will I be receiving in the mail with the standard BFM 2.0? 

A. You will be receiving the following: 

    1) Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing - The 10 Disc Collection 
   2) Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Confidential Manuscript
   3) The 7 Figure Secrets (report) by Mike Filsaime 
   4) MarketingDotCom's - The Best Damn Newsletter with the Burn After Reading - Top Secret insert written by Mike Filsaime

This will all arrive shrink wrapped together packaged in a small box that will not fit in standard mail boxes.

Q.How do I find out about bonuses I get from the affiliate I purchased from?

A. Email them directly and go thru their help desk. We do not and can not get involved in any fulfillment from our affiliates but they are all following through so once you email them you will have no problems.

Q. What if I registered, but did not receive a confirmation email?

A. Aweber/ProSender systems are sending emails. In some cases, please allow up to 48 hours (Yahoo and some) to receive the confirmation email, but it should be sooner or instant. It will be from this email address:

Here is the email subject that comes to you when you confirm:


          (Your Name), Your Butterfly Marketing Access Information!

Q. How do I login to my members area?

A. After you have completed securing your copy of BFM 2.0 you will be able to login with your email and password at:

Q. What if I forgot my password to my members area?

A. There is a forgot password function directly below the members login area at:

Simply enter the email address you used during the signup process and you will be emailed a temporary password that you will be able to modify once you are logged into your members area and in your profile page. 

NOTE: If you cannot login at this time, we know this is an issue for some new members and are seeking to have it resolved and contact you by Tuesday, April 31. (more is detailed below)

Q. Can I claim more than one copy of BFM 2.0?

A. BFM 2.0 is limited to only one copy per customer and there are safeguards in place to enforce this. Strict Limit of 1 Per Customer. If duplicate orders are made, we void all your orders and you will be refunded and your order will not be fulfilled. We are tracking IP, Email, and Address. If any attempts are made to order more that one unit, we will ban your IP from our servers and void any license keys for life. You may only order 1 unit for your own personal use. You may not sell this license to anyone in the future.

Q. What if I'm already on the newsletter?

A. Login to your members area of whichever newsletter site you are a member of which is either:,, or then click on your profile and look for the following text. (If you want the BFM 2.0 offer simply click on the URL within that offer from your profile page:

  * * Important Time-Sensitive Announcement * * 

Beginning March 24th, and for 3 days ONLY ... You have the opportunity to grab the entire Butterfly Marketing Home Study Course and Software for only the cost of Shipping and Handling ($29.95/US and Canada - Add $10 to that for all other locations). There are very limited supplies, so you need to take advantage now:

(your order link will be here)

Since you already receive the MarketingDotCom newsletter, you will NOT be signed up for a second newsletter. But only if you purchase from this page now.

Here is how this was described on the order page:

Note: If you are already paying for our monthly newsletter as an active subscriber, you do not need to sign up again to get the free offer for Butterfly Marketing 2.0. You can login to the members area at or GMSF and go to your profile page and you will see an option to have the course shipped to you for just S&H with no additonal commitments.

Q. How do I cancel my newsletter subsciption?

A. Yes, you can cancel your newsletter at any time just as it was described on the order page as such: I am happy to know I can easily call to cancel future issues and payments by simply calling +1 (631) 615-4597 at anytime 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Q. Where do I get support?

A. As seen on the order page for the BFM 2.0 free giveaway offer here are the TOS:

Addendum To Support TOS For This Free Offer. You will only be provided support in the following ways. 24 hour helpdesk support for issues such as lost passwords will be provided. (There is no live tech support for this product provided by us.) You will be given access to install videos, admin panel HOW-TO videos, and strategy videos as well as marketing videos. There are even videos for newbies new to marketing There is no question you may have that the videos can not help you with. Additionaly, you will get access to a members area forum for peer to peer help. In this forum, you can search our archives for almost any question you may have and it is sure to have been asked before and replied to by one of our support team. This will allow you to see the answer to your question right on the spot in the members forum. You will NOT have access to any tech support for this free product. As you can imagine, support was a major task when we sold 1000 in 5 days for $997 back in January of 2006. Our team can handle normal rates of new customers but not 5000+ people that get access all the same day. You will be given an option for tech support access for only $300 in the members area if you prefer. Even with this tech support, it may take 3-5 business days for someone to respond during the initial promotion.

PLEASE NOTE: With the overwhelming demand for BFM 2.0 we are aware of a few common problems which are being addressed immediately and some of the common problems are: a) new members not being able to login, b) new members not knowing if their order was processed, and c) new members wondering if they ordered two or more times.

Let me address each common launch issue individually:

Login issues: We are working to resolve any login issues some members are experiencing as soon as possible and you should here from us directly regarding this soon. In the meantime, please DO NOT submit a support ticket until at least Tuesday, March 31, 2009 if you have not heard from us about it yet.

Was My Order Processed? Did I order more than once?: We are going through all orders in the database and will be contacting you if you attempted to order and it didn't go through for some reason. Plus, we are searching for duplicate orders and will be refunding all duplicate orders to ensure you were only charged once and will only be shipped one set as well. 

Be sure to read the above TOS and common BFM 2.0 launch issues before submitting a support ticket. The support desk for all of Mike Filsaime's products can be found



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